Problems With Your Financial Records? 3 Signs You Should Hire A Bookkeeper For Your Business

If you own a business, you know how important it is to keep accurate financial records. Unfortunately, you might not realize how important it is to have a bookkeeper on your staff. If you've been doing your own bookkeeping, or having an untrained employee handle your books, it's time to hire a dedicated bookkeeper for your business. This is particularly important if you recognize any of the problem areas described below. [Read More]

2 Myths About Working With An Accountant Debunked

Many small business owners hold off on hiring an accountant because they believe that accounting software offers the same value. They also believe that all an accountant can really do is help them with their taxes. Both of these beliefs are myths; below you can learn the truth about working with accountants. Myth #1: Accounting Software Offers The Same Benefits Of Working With An Accountant Many business owners wrongly believe that a great accounting software program will offer them all the same benefits of working with a qualified accountant. [Read More]

4 Advantages To Using Web-Based Personal Accounting Software

Are you having difficulty keeping track of all your receipts? Rather than tossing everything in a box for your accountant at the end of the year, you might want to invest in a personal accounting solution. Personal accounting software is affordable -- they are sometimes even free. A web-based software solution can be even more effective for your needs. 1. You Can Keep It Updated From Anywhere Often the reason that we fail to keep accurate records is not because we don't want to but because we forget. [Read More]